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Look-alike | The Doctor (with Bailey) and River



“And you’re quite mad my love.” River smiled and followed the girl. “I hope she knows where she’s going…”

The Doctor was about to answer when she felt River’s computer shoved into her hands, and just barely saw Bailey dash back to the TARDIS. The girl then exited the box, and the Time Lady felt a lump in her throat.

She had heard River’s comment about knowing where they were going, and instantly felt the need to be better prepared. So, she had swapped her Disneyland jacket with her black leather one, and grabbed the case with her rifle that she snuck onto the TARDIS. Bailey hurried back to them. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

River cocked and eyebrow as she saw her rush into the TARDIS. When she saw her walk out RIver just nodded in approval. This was workable. “Alright then. Lead on Bailey.” River looked at the Doctor “While you have that,” She said gesturing towards the computer. “Try and figure out what that creepy thing means.”

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